UTMN Polytechnic School Trains Unique Specialists

UTMN Polytechnic School Trains Unique Specialists

30 January 2018
First-year students of the Conceptual Engineering masters programme have completed the innovative educational module on modelling oil and gas fields. 
First-year students of the UTMN Polytechnic School’s Conceptual Engineering masters programme have completed the innovative educational module on modelling oil and gas fields.

“During their training, vanguard students need to be involved in working with cutting edge technology, to be exposed to new research frontiers,” believes UTMN Rector Valery Falkov. That is why the Polytechnic School’s educational module combines the best practices related to geology and oil field development. During the course, students learned how to create a digital model of a hydrocarbon field using the latest data and tools available. 

“This educational module concludes the cycle of geological and field development disciplines and puts together everything that was studied before,” commented Director of UTMN Polytechnic School, Mikhail Pisarev. “The module is unique as, unlike other similar courses, it teaches creating a digital model of a field through geology, not mathematics and IT. That is to say, we don’t teach just the methodology of creating a model – we explain the logic of the critical evaluation of geological conceptions and knowledge of regional geology, interpretation of seismic, hydrodynamic and geophysical research in correlation to each other and to the logic of geological processes. Only this approach allows specialists to create a digital model of a real field that helps to optimize its development”. 

In accordance with the UTMN Competitiveness Enhancement Programme for the 5-100 Project, the training process in the School is based on the CDIO method – a globally-renowned educational framework focusing on the fundamentals of engineering set in the context of conceiving, designing, implementing and operating real-world systems and products. As usual, UTMN’s industrial partners took an active part in the modelling educational module. This time, Alexandra Zaboeva, Lilia Kadochnikova and Natalia Yankova, senior specialists from the NOVATEK Research and Technology Centre, worked with the Polytechnic School’s students. NOVATEK has a vast experience in working with integrated field models and is Russia's largest independent natural gas producer. 

“The basic principle of the course is to guide students through each step of developing a geological and technological field model. The process includes such stages as gathering and analyzing initial information, creating a conceptual model, producing a basic 3D geological model, correcting the model in accordance with information obtained about the oil well and cooperating with other specialists during modelling,” said Alexandra Zaboeva, senior specialist from the Geology and Field Development Office, Candidate in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. “The course’s distinctive feature is the students’ full immersion into modelling issues and the necessity of making decisions about further field development based on the results of this modelling”.  

Mikhail Pisarev added that this course gave students additional skills for their future career: “Many specialists can create models, fewer can analyze them. But only unique specialists understand models and know how to improve them”. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/politekhnicheskaya-shkola/488157/ 

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