Student from Vietnam graduates UTMN with honors

Student from Vietnam graduates UTMN with honors

20 July 2021
An honorary student, Hai Nguyen, shares about his experience at UTMN.
In the Academic Year of 2020-2021, 39 students from Vietnam studied at the University of Tyumen. One of them, a student of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer ScienceHai Nguyen, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics with honors.

Студент из Вьетнама закончил ТюмГУ с красным дипломом

“It has already been 5 years since I came to study in Russia. I’ve had some difficulties initially because everything was so new to me: country, teachers, friends, and the educational environment. Now I know that my decision to move was the right one. Here I have all the support I need – my friends and professors are always there for me. The management of the institute supports us – international students.”

During his studies at UTMN, Hai Nguyen has repeatedly participated in and won academic olympiads. He represented the University of Tyumen in regional competitions in mathematics in Novosibirsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, and other cities of Russia, as well as abroad. In addition, Hai Nguyen became a finalist of the All-Russian Student Olympiad 'I am a Professional' and received a medal in the International Student Internet Olympiad in Mathematics.

Hai Nguyen is an active participant in the student community. He was awarded the regional prize 'Foreign Student of the Year' for high academic achievement. Hai Nguyen also received the honorary title 'Pride of the university' from the University of Tyumen.


Hai Nguyen decided to stay with the alma mater and continue his career within the field of education. He has already submitted documents to the Master's program 'Modern Mathematical Education'.

“I’m very motivated to gain even bigger results and reach greater heights in the future. I hope that I will be able to become a good teacher at the University of Vietnam."


This year there are 25 budget places available for the Bachelor's program in Mathematics, and 20 for the Master's program in Pedagogical Education.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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