International meeting offers new prospects

International meeting offers new prospects

13 April 2017

Francois Rousseau, Director General of the Ecole des Mines de Nancy (University of Lorraine) gave a lecture at the UT Polytechnic School. 

Francois Rousseau, Director General of the Ecole des Mines de Nancy (University of Lorraine), gave an open lecture on the study of engineering in France at the UT Polytechnic School, as part of the Conceptual Engineering Masters degree course.

Before the lecture, Pierre Mutzenhardt, President of the University of Lorraine (France) and member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of France, told those present about the University of Lorraine, its partnership with UT and the prospects of future cooperation in engineer training.

In his lecture, Francois Rousseau spoke about the unique aspects of the University of Lorraine’s engineering schools. He remarked that in the Lorraine’s engineering schools the duration of programmes is 3 years instead of 2 and that the course format is more practice-oriented. He also presented his university's new educational courses, including one taught in English and therefore more attractive to exchange students.

“In France, an education in engineering is very prestigious, it differs from other educational programmes. That is why I find meeting leading French educators in Engineering to be very useful for UT students”, said Evgeny Golubev, UT Vice Rector for Industrial Partner Relations. “The University of Lorraine has one of the world’s top engineering programmes and several engineering schools, including one specializing in Geoecology and Geomodelling. Collaboration with them would be a great asset to UT, as they have a strong academic and methodological foundation and experience in working with a number of global companies, while we cooperate with leading oil companies and research and technology centres”.       

The partnership would be beneficial to both the University of Tyumen and the University of Lorraine. Having visited UT’s Basic Department of Oil and Gas Flow on the premises of HMS Neftemash machine building plant, the French experts noted the similarities in the two universities’ approach to teaching Engineering and, when also taking UT’s close partnership with potential employers into account, were convinced that the benefits of collaboration were far from one-way.


Source: UT Office of Strategic Communications

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