Alumnus of the Global Education Program Continues His Research at UTMN

Alumnus of the Global Education Program Continues His Research at UTMN

16 January 2018
Tair Esenbaev has joined UTMN Research Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics, where he continues his research.   
Alumnus of the prestigious presidential program Global Education, Tair Esenbaev, has returned to Tyumen to continue his research at UTMN.  

The Global Education Program aims to provide financial support to Russian students who have enrolled independently at leading universities abroad. The program grant (up to 2.5 million rubles per year) covers all tuition, accommodation and flight costs.

Tair Esenbaev graduated from UTMN’s Institute of Physics and Technology and then its Polytechnic School. Participation in the Global Education Program gave the young researcher the opportunity to study for a further masters degree at the University of Manchester, which is recognized as one of the best universities in Britain and the world.

As part of the Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering educational program, he studied global best practices in these disciplines, which are currently used by the largest research centers and engineering companies. 

“Sometimes the practices we studied were so innovative that even the largest corporations will only implement them in few years’ time. Such a state-of-the-art approach is especially valuable for engineers as knowing advanced measuring and calculating methods gives them a competitive advantage in any engineering sphere,” said Tair. 

His thesis was devoted to the effect of turbulence on forced convection from ribbed surfaces. 

“To study the effect, I designed and constructed a wind tunnel in Manchester,” said Tair. “It helped me obtain valuable skills in independent research planning and practical experience of designing an experimental unit”. 

Currently, Tair Esenbaev is continuing his research at the UTMN Research Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics under the guidance of federal researcher Natalia Ivanova.   

The laboratory is focused on experimental research on a global level. For instance, in his research Tair aims to study thermocapillary convection, or, simply put, the interaction of light and liquid when the irradiation of a thin layer of liquid by laser beam causes its deformation and the formation of swirl flows. 

During his education, Tair received multiple job offers from a number of universities, oil and steel companies and research centers, but he chose the University of Tyumen. 

“I see great potential in our dynamically developing university,” said Tair. “UTMN is moving steadily towards the realization of its research potential, striving to occupy niches in new interdisciplinary spheres. It coincides with my own vision of my future research career, and for me, as for any employee, it is important to understand which direction the university is moving in”.  

It is worth mentioning that currently five alumni of the Global Education Program have accepted job offers from UTMN. Among them are Master in Statistics from the University of Southampton, Taras Safonov and Master in Ecology and the Energy Sector from Lancaster University, Djamilya Ukarkhanova, both of whom will join the team of the new Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Biology (X-BIO), established as UTMN’s strategic unit in accordance with the 5-100 project

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

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