The Research Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics


Natalia Ivanova, Federal researcher, PhD Physics and Mathematics

Tel.: 007 3452 29 75 98
office 217, 15а Perekopskaya St.
625003 Tyumen

Areas of research:

• Optical microfluidics - manipulation of microvolumes of a liquid using laser radiation (dosage, transportation, mixing and separation of liquid microdroplets)

• Numerical modeling of microflows, particularly heat and mass transfer processes in thin films of complex fluids under the laser radiation  

• Development of instruments for the integrated study of photo-induced capillary effects

• Laser diagnostics of properties of liquids and solid materials

• Methods of non-destructive inspection of defects of solid materials

• Processes of spreading of aqueous solutions of surfactants on hydrophobic surfaces


Current projects:

The Research Laboratory of Phonetics and Microfluidics is currently engaged in the following projects:

1. Development of methods for the removal of nanoparticles from surfaces of arbitrary shape and texture for experimental applications in conditions of microgravity. RFFI (Russia) - the Royal Society (UK), 2014-2015 (Project Agreement)  

 V Starov x 135

Research co-director of the project: 

Prof. Viktor Starov 

Loughborough University, UK

2. Removal of residual micro / nano-particles and droplets of suspensions from solid surfaces for experiments in microgravity. "Convection and Interfacial Mass Exchange", ESA, ELIPS-4. 2015-2017 (Project information).

Research co-director of the project

Prof. Pierre Kolinet 

Free University of Brussels, Belgium


International cooperation:

• Group of Nano- and Micro-Materials Engineering, Loughborough University, UK

• Group of Smart and Green Interfaces, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany


The most significant publications (2012-2017):

1. Ivanova N.A., Tatosov A.V., Bezuglyi B.A. Laser-induced capillary effect in thin layers of water-alcohol mixtures. Eur. Phys. J. E 2015. 38 (6).

2. Ivanova N.A., Starov  V.M. Wetting and Spreading by Aqueous Surfactant Solutions. In: Surfactant Science and Technology: Retrospects and Prospects. Ed.: Lawrence Romsted, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2014, p. 171-192.

3. Kovalchuk N.M., Trybala A., Starov V.M., Matar O., Ivanova N.A. Fluoro- vs hydrocarbon surfactants: why do they differ in wetting performance? Advances in Colloid and Interface Science. 210, 65-71, 2014.

4. J. Radulovic, K. Sefiane, V.M. Starov, N. Ivanova, M.E.R. Shanahan. Review on Kinetics of Spreading and Wetting by Aqueous Surfactant Solutions. In: Drops and Bubbles in contact with solid surfaces. Ed. M. Ferrari., L. Ligierri, R. Miller. 2012, p. 37-69, London. CRC Press.

5. N.A. Ivanova, Zh.B. Zhantenova, V.M. Starov. Wetting dynamics of polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers and trisiloxanes in respect of polyoxyethylene chains and properties of substrates. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2012. 413, 307-313.

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