Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics

Research Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics


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Natalia Ivanova, Federal researcher, PhD Physics and Mathematics




Tel.: 007 3452 59 74 00, Ext. 17134 

Office 407, 25 Lenina St., Tyumen

Postal address: 625003, 6 Volodarskogo st., Tyumen


Areas of research:

  • Optical microfluidics – manipulation of microvolumes of liquids using laser radiation (dosage, transportation, mixing and separation of liquid microdroplets)

  • Numerical modelling of microflows and heat and mass transfer processes in thin films of complex liquids under local laser radiation

  • Development of devices for the integrated study of photo-induced capillary effect

  • Laser diagnostics of liquids and solid materials

  • Methods of non-destructive inspection of hidden defects in solid materials

  • Spreading and wetting of aqueous solutions of surfactants on hydrophobic surfaces

Research group: 

Viktor Fliagin

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, senior researcher

areas of research: Marangoni convection in thin films and droplets, development of methods and devices for laser diagnostics of matter and methods for manipulation of small volumes of liquids 

Alexander Malyuk

4th year PhD student, junior research fellow

areas of research: development of adaptive optics elements on the basis of microfluidics

Mohammed Al-muzaiqer

3nd year PhD student, junior research fellow       

areas of research: the effects of micro- and nanoparticles self-assembly in films of colloidal solutions

Denis Klyuev

3nd year PhD student, junior research fellow

areas of research: convective flows in multilayer systems, instabilities in thin films 

Tair Esenbaev

2st year PhD student, junior research fellow 

areas of research: evaporation of droplets on thin films, non-coalescence of droplets, Hydrodynamic Bell’s experiment 

Current projects:

Removal of residual micro/nano-particles and droplets of suspensions from solid surfaces for experiments in microgravity. “Convection and Interfacial Mass Exchange”, ESA, ELIPS-4. 2015-2019. Co-director of the project: Prof. Pierre Colinet, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

"Non-classical problems of the thermocapillary convection in the two-layer systems", 2017-2019 (grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research No. 17-08-00291 A). Head of the project: Olga Goncharova, Altai State University

"Development of adaptive photonics and optics elements controlled by Marangoni forces", 2018-2019 (grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research No. 18-31-00231 mol_a). Head of the project: Nikolay Kubochkin

Research internship: "Investigation of the influence of temperature and humidity on evaporation of droplets on different surfaces" in Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, 2018-2019, (scholarship program of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD). Project advisor: Apl. Prof. Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman, scholar: Nikolay Kubochkin

Completed projects:

Development of methods for the removal of nanoparticles from surfaces of arbitrary shape and texture for experimental applications in conditions of microgravity. RFBR (Russia) - the Royal Society (UK), 2014-2015, co-director of the project: Prof. Victor Starov, Loughborough University, UK

International collaboration:

News about the laboratory:

UTMN scientists develop a smart lens

UTMN postgraduate students take part in the conference “Thermophysics and Physical Hydrodynamics”

UTMN attracts international students

Alumnus of the Global Education Program continues his research at UTMN

A liquid lens by UTMN scientists suitable for use in Lab-on-a-Chip production

UTMN doctoral students develop adaptive fluidic elements

UTMN researchers unveil a non-contact method of capturing and transferring micro- and nanoparticles

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Presentation of the University of Tyumen's Competitiveness Program

Articles by UTMN researchers published in the top academic journals

Postdoc positions:

Physical Chemistry

Project 1: Research and Development of New Non-Destructive Laser Diagnostics Methods for Soft and Liguid Materials as well as for Biological Tissues, Based on Laser-Induced Thermocapillary Effects

Project 2: Optofluidics

Most significant publications:

  1. Alexandr Malyuk, Natalia Ivanova. Biomimetic liquid lenses actuated by a laser beam: effects of evaporation and orientation to gravity. Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (2020). (in press). 
  2. V.B. Bekezhanova, V.M. Fliagin, O.N. Goncharova, N.A. Ivanova, D.S. Klyuev. Thermocapillary deformations of a two-layer system of liquids under laser beam heating. Int. J. Multiph. Flow., 103429 (2020) (in press).
  3. D.S. Klyuev, V.M. Fliagin, M. Al-Muzaiqer, N.A. Ivanova. Laser-actuated optofluidic diaphragm capable of optical signal tracking. Applied Physics Letters. 114. 011602. 10.1063/1.5063961 (2019).  
  4. N.S. Kubochkin, A.V. Tatosov, M. Al-Muzaiqer, N.A. Ivanova.  Detachment of particles from surfaces by thermocapillary flows induced by a moving laser beam. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology. 1-19. 10.1080/01694243.2019.1611007 (2019). 
  5. N.S. Kubochkin, N.A. Ivanova. Droplet Shape and Wetting Behavior under Influence of Cyclically Changing Humidity. Langmuir. 35. 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b00159 (2019). 
  6. A.Yu Malyuk, N.A. Ivanova. Varifocal liquid lens actuated by laser-induced thermal Marangoni forces. Appl. Phys. Lett., 112, 103701 (2018).
  7. A.Yu. Zykov, N.A. Ivanova. Laser-induced thermocapillary convection in thin liquid layers: effect of thermal conductivity of substrates. Appl. Phys. B 123:235, pp.1-7 (2017).
  8. O.A. Tarasov, N.A. Tarasova, N.A. Ivanova. Mixing of vaporizing droplets on liquid substrates caused by festoon instability. Tech. Phys. Lett. 43(9), 800-803 (2017).
  9. B.A. Bezuglyi, N.A. Ivanova and L.V. Sizova. Transport phenomena and dimensionless numbers: towards a new methodological approach. Eur. J. Phys. 38, 033001 (2017).
  10. A. Yu. Malyuk, N.A. Ivanova. Optofluidic lens actuated by laser-induced solutocapillary forces. Optics Communications. 392, 123-127 (2017).
  11. N.A. Ivanova, N.S. Kubochkin, V.M. Starov. Wetting of hydrophobic substrates by pure surfactants at continuously increasing humidity. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 519, 71-77 (2017).
  12. K.A. Tatosova, A.Yu. Malyuk, N.A. Ivanova. Droplet formation caused by laser-induced surface-tension-driven flows in binary liquid mixtures. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 521, 22-29 (2017).
  13. N. Ivanova, V.M. Starov, A. Trybala, V.M. Flyagin. Removal of micrometer size particles from surfaces using laser-induced thermocapillary flow: experimental results. Journal of Colloids and Interface Sci. 473, 120-125 (2016).
  14. N. A. Ivanova, N. M. Kovalchuk, V. D. Sobolev and V. M. Starov. Wetting films of aqueous solutions of Silwet L-77 on a hydrophobic surface. Soft Matter, 12(1), 26-30 (2016).
  15. F.M. Mahdi, T.E. Record, C.A. Amadi, F.O. Emmanuel, N. Ivanova, A. Trybala, V.M. Starov. Removal of submicron particles from solid surfaces using surfactants. Colloids and Interface Science Communications, 6, 13-16 (2015).
  16. N.A. Ivanova, A.V. Tatosov, B.A. Bezuglyi. Laser-induced capillary effect in thin layers of water-alcohol mixtures. Eur. Phys. J. E. 38(6), 60 (2015).
  17. Natalia Ivanova and V.M. Starov. Wetting and Spreading by Aqueous Surfactant Solutions. In: Surfactant Science and Technology: Retrospects and Prospects. Ed.: Lawrence Romsted, CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2014, p. 171-192.
  18. Kovalchuk N.M., Trybala A., Starov V.M., Matar O., Ivanova N.A. Fluoro- vs hydrocarbon surfactants: why do they differ in wetting performance? Advances in Colloid and Interface Science. 210, 65-71 (2014).

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